Bathroom Makeover

Homeowners are directing their energy and creativity towards renovating the bathroom. Whether it’s the family bath or the master ensuite, homeowners are focused on increased luxury comfort and convenience. Many homeowners are looking for new ideas to make their existing bathrooms larger.


Get the most from your space

Redecorating a small bathroom is a common design problem. If you can’t expand the room, either by building an addition or by incorporating space from a nearby bedroom or closet, here are some ideas to help you get the most out of the space you have.

There are many ways to give a bathroom a facelift. You can make your bathroom visually larger by decorating it with light colours. Large prints and bold stripes tend to overpower a small room. Stick to small prints whether you are painting or wallpapering. Limit your accessories. Remember, less can be more!

Try to create a sense of continuity. Bathrooms are chopped up enough by fixtures, so making the ceiling and walls the same colour can make the room seem larger. 

If choosing a wallpaper make sure it is a good vinyl wallpaper which is good for rooms with high humidity. 


Update your fixtures

When updating fixtures, choose something that will reflect your personal taste as well as increase the value of your home. Everything from hand-painted porcelain fixtures complete with matching gold plated faucets, to a variety of natural fixtures including granite, marble, onyx and teakwood are available. We recommend heading to Pinterest to see different design options! 

Adding mirrors are another good way to visually expand your space. A long mirror with plenty of lights increases the visual space and prevents having to jostle for mirror space when two people are using the bathroom.


Storage solutions

Bathroom storage space can be solved in a variety of ways. Wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to hide bathroom clutter, without taking up valuable floor space. Units can be installed above the toilet, above the mirror or in the deck space below a raised bathtub. If you purchase a low profile toilet, there will be even more room for wall-mounted storage above. Choose cabinets that are no more than six inches deep so they don’t get in the way.

Both light and ventilation are important in a bathroom. Light expands the space and prevents shadows. Ventilation keeps air circulating. A combination fan forced heater/ventilator/ceiling light allows all three work separately or together. This eliminates the need to buy three different fixtures.

Whatever your decorating style, there are many patterns, colours and designs available that will reflect your particular style and serve to make your bathroom more functional!