Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance is an important part of homeownership. Keeping up with these simple tasks will save you money in the long run. Here are some home maintenance tasks to give your home a checkup: 


     1. Change your air filters! You should be changing your air filters every 90 days. Be sure to check your filters more often if you have pets.

2. Check seals in your house! Check for leaks in your bathtub, shower, sink, windows and doors. This can prevent some pretty costly expenses in the future. Sealing windows and doors can prevent air leaks which will decrease your utility bills.

3. Clean the gutters! Most people forget about cleaning their gutters because they are out of the eye line. Make sure your rain gutters and downpipes are firmly secured, with end spouts directing runoff well away from your foundation. Ensure your foundation is surrounded by a built-up surface that slopes away from the home in order to prevent pooling.

     4. Look for loose roofing materials and pay close attention to seals around vents, pipes and chimneys. 

     5. Examine your exterior walls for weaknesses and check your doors, windows and shutters to ensure caulking and latching are intact. Watch for the first signs of condensation within old insulated glass panes. 


Finally, if you are uncertain, or can’t verify the condition of your home’s exterior yourself, hire an inspector to do a thorough investigation.