Selling Your Home In The Winter

Though the market does slow down during the winter months, there are still several benefits to selling during the cold season. Your home is sure to get more attention from potential buyers who cannot or are able to wait until the warmer months. If you are thinking to sell your house during the winter, here are some pros and cons. 

What Are The Pros Of Selling During The Winter?

Motivated Buyers 

In the winter, it won’t surprise you to find out that there are fewer buyers in the market actively looking for a new home. However, of those few buyers who are looking, they are much more motivated to take action. These potential buyers may have a job change, need to relocate or a lifestyle change that will need to get them into a new home quickly. When buyers are urgently looking for a new home, it gives an opportunity to negotiate the price, terms and conditions. 

Less Competition

Inventory is reduced during the winter months which means less competition for you! Many people will either list in the fall or wait to list in the spring. If you decide to sell during the winter, you are not only capitalizing on highly motivated buyers, but you are also going to stand out because of the limited available inventory at the same time.

Selling In The Winter Cons


With the weather always changing, it may affect driving conditions which can deter potential buyers from viewing your home. You may see an increase in rescheduled or cancelled showings compared to other times of the year. 

Curb Appeal 

Many buyers prefer to buy a home in the spring or fall because there is no snow covering the ground and they can clearly see what the property looks like. If you plan on selling your home in the winter, it is ideal to take exterior photos during the warmer months.

Bidding Wars 

During the warmer months, buyers seem to be more motivated to purchase a new home which means you may not have as many potential buyers to start a bidding war.