Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Definition: the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

Curb appeal is an important first impression that will leave a negative or positive impression. Home exteriors that are poorly maintained give potential buyers reason to offer less than asking. Making small upgrades and maintaining your property allows potential buyers to imagine living in your home. 

Let us tell you about some quality tips that will help get you the most out of your money! 


Repairing your roof from leaks and replacing shingles should be done prior to listing your home. Not only will it help improve curb appeal, but it will also help raise the value of your home.


Walkways & Driveway

Upgrading the walkway and driveway is more than just about aesthetic and boosting property value, it’s about safety too. 



Take some time to maintain your lawn by pulling weeds, planting fresh flowers, trimming hedges, cutting the grass, aerating, watering and fertilizing. This can completely change the look of your home! 


Siding & Front Porch 

If your siding or front porch is a little dirty, power wash to give it a fresh new look!


House Numbers

Have you ever tried to find a home and can’t find a house number? Make sure your house number is always clean, bright and easy to read. 



Illuminating walkways, driveways, flower gardens and the exterior of your home can add to a more luxurious atmosphere.


Clutter & Garbage

Clean up the clutter! This includes garden tools, bikes, old pots,v sticks, leaves, broken furniture or accessories, garbage and recycling bins. Try and keep your home looking as neat and tidy as possible.