Refresh With Just Paint

Remodelling your home can be expensive and a simple way to refresh it is with paint! With just a little effort, you can completely transform your home. Check out these easy to tackle paint tips!  

1. Walls 

Obviously, this one is a no-brainer but refreshing your walls with a new colour can give you a little inspiration in your space! Try colour-blocking or adding an accent wall. 


2. Trim

Refreshing your trim is an easy way to upgrade your room. Try adding a pop of colour for a dramatic change! 


3. Cabinets & Vanities 

A quick and cheap way to upgrade your cabinets and vanities is just to paint them! Grab a sample paint colour at the hardware store and you are on your way! 


4. Countertops 

Painting countertops can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom on a budget. There are so many DIY countertop painting kits available to refresh your room! 


5. Interior doors 

Repainting your interior doors can really add a little flair to your room. Try painting them black to give it a little pop! 


6. Backsplash 

Don’t have the budget to completely change your backsplash? Update it with a little paint! Make sure you prep and prime before tackling this project. 


7. Fireplace 

Out with the old dingy fireplace and upgrade it to a refreshed, modern fireplace with just a little paint! Painting your fireplace and really brighten up your room and add value to your home. 


8. Flooring 

Have a laundry room or bathroom that just needs a little something more? Try stencilling a fun design or keeping it simple! There are so many designs to choose from the options are endless. 


9. Built-Ins 

Do you have built-ins that are in need of a little update? Putting a fresh coat of paint (or even a couple of different colours!) can make the entire room feel updated!


10. Light Fixtures 

You don’t need a big budget to replace your light fixtures. Light fixtures can be easily updated with just a little bit of paint.