Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light in your home has so many positive benefits like improving your mood, helps you wake up and can even help you sell your home! Here are some great tips to add more natural light in your home!


Clutter and furniture can block sunlight from coming through windows. Clear out any bulky furniture, plants or decor obstructing the light 


Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light as well as make rooms appear larger. Furniture and decor that is reflective will also provide the same effect. 


Curtains can dramatically change the appearance of a room as well as the amount of light let in through the windows. Lighter curtains are great for the main spaces in your home such as living rooms and dining rooms. In bedrooms, where you want to reduce the amount of light, use roll down black-out shades. 


Colours in your home can actually affect the amount of light. Dark tones absorb natural light whereas light tones reflect light. Choosing light colours like whites, creams, greys will distribute natural light throughout the room. 

Windows & Doors

Updating solid front and back doors with glass panel doors can give you extra natural light. Some windows now have retractable screens which can let in more light when a screen is not necessary.