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Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light in your home has so many positive benefits like improving your mood, helps you wake up and can even help you sell your home! Here are some great tips to add more natural light in your home! Layout  Clutter and furniture can block sunlight from coming through windows....

Winter In Hamilton

During this difficult time, we need to take care of our mental and physical health. The City of Hamilton has launched “Winter in Hamilton” which lists many activities during the Winter Season.  The City of Hamilton will continue to add to this list as more activities become available. Here...


The Costs Of Buying A Home

Buying a house comes with a lot of hidden costs that most people are unaware of. Becoming knowledgeable about the buying process is an important step to take before making an offer.  Here are some common fees associated with buying a home: Legal Fees  The services of both a...


Creative Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Here are some Thanksgiving table settings and home decor to provide inspirations for you as you plan for Thanksgiving. The warmer tones and natural colours that come with fall provide such a stunning display of nature changing as we transition into winter. 1. Create a neutral colour scheme A...


5 Fun Things To Do This Fall

Here are 5 fun things to do in the Hamilton/Burlington area during this fall season. Now go get a pumpkin spiced latte and enjoy these fall-filled adventures.  1) Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens is a must-visit during the fall season. Whether you want to stroll through...

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