Space-saving Solutions

Looking for some space-saving solutions in your home?

Check out these 5 tips!

Wall Sconces

To save space in the bedroom, try installing wall sconces to save space on your nightstand. Wall sconces not only save space but can look polished and refined in your space. 

Cabinet Space

A lot of our cabinet space goes unused because we cannot reach the back. Installing sliding drawers in your cabinets can clear up some space on your countertops. 

Eat-In Kitchen

A built-in banquet or bench can add dining seating as well as some storage space. Adding something more sophisticated can elevate the space and show your personality. 

Under the Stairs

Take advantage of your homes free space, especially under the stairs! Add closet & shoe storage, a little playroom, a cute reading nook or even convert it into a laundry room. 

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves can be designed to fit the space perfectly and they can even be designed to incorporate televisions, books, photos and ornaments. Making the area handy for storage and also a key feature of the room.